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Load faster than the competition.

Finding the right hosting company to help your web agency grow is difficult. You need a cross between flexibility, reliability and functionality. But ultimately the biggest contender is uptime and speed.

Designing our hosting platform from the ground up we decided: No to shared hosting. We’re doing something that hasn’t been done before. We’re providing you with all the tools of a shared hosting platform, at a comparative price, but every single website you host will be on its own dedicated environment. Sound crazy? Read on to find out how we’ve done it…

Helping your agency work faster than ever before

DataLords is designed, built and managed by a team originally behind a successful and busy web agency. Our chief techies went looking for the perfect hosting solution, over and over again, only… it didn’t seem to exist. Control panels are either overwhelmingly convoluted, or they’re severely lacking in functionality… or worse still the hosting itself was slow, substandard or unreliable.

We know what web agencies need to help them grow, because we were one.

Easy To Deploy

Easy To Deploy

It’s easy to add or migrate a client into the hosting platform… speed is essential, but simplicity is key. Plus our in-house team can help with migrating clients across…

Easy To Scale

Easy To Scale

Every single account you host with us will have dedicated resources at standard limits… but within seconds those resources can be easily increased to cope with demand…

Easy To Manage

Easy To Manage

Crafted by people who managed hundreds of hosting accounts for a web agency, our designers made sure the functionality you need for your agency is at the click of a button…


Designed for reliability, without sacrificing speed

Each website is secured in its own dedicated environment

Every single website we host runs inside its own virtual machine. This adds a layer of security, since each website is ring-fenced from another.

Utilising cloud storage for ultimate speed and reliability

We make use of virtual-SAN technology, meaning that our hosting cluster powered by solid-state only storage is ultra-resilient, as well as ultra-fast.

Deployment in under a minute

Our control panel and server management software is written by our in-house team from the ground up. We know how important it is that deployment is virtually instant.

Ultra Resilient Connectivity

Based in Central London, our servers are located in one of the best-fed datacentres in the UK. Powered by Cisco hardware and with our diverse independently fed connectivity, alongside our own high availability cluster powering our routing equipment, the speed and resilience of our hosting simply can’t be beat.

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Frequently asked questions

How is your platform built?

Great question!

Our hosting platform is fundamentally built using top of the range Dell and Cisco hardware, with Debian being our operating system of choice for the software. Our control panel is built from scratch by our in-house team, although we do utilise elements of cPanel/WHM for easy email/DNS management.

How do you handle backups?

Another great question!

We partner with SolarWinds for our backup platform, with an agent running on every single virtual machine. That means every single website is backed up to our cloud storage solution, and with the backup frequencies running every 15 minutes and no expiry time, you can rest assured knowing your clients’ data is safe.

How good is your support?

Well… only you can be the judge of that. But it’s safe to say we’ve experienced enough ‘poor’ support from hosting providers over the years to know how to do the opposite!

Our entire focus is on keeping your business and your clients’ businesses online… and a good, solid support system is the foundation to making that happen.

What about monitoring?

We proactively monitor each and every server. This means unlike traditional shared hosting environments, you know that every single website you host is monitored.

From simply ensuring the DNS records are working OK, to the SSL certificate, to error pages displaying… you can sleep easy knowing that if anything does happen – our team are notified and automatically work to remedy the situation.

Do you only work with web agencies?

We work with everyone! Whilst our platform is designed around agencies, we do provide hosting to private clients alongside IT agencies, and provide dedicated hosting clusters for larger organisations with advanced requirements.

What about domain name management?

We’re a member of Nominet, the UK Registrar for .uk Domains. We provide full management and tools to enable you to quickly and easily maintain your domains, and in addition we utilise eNom for our other domains, and everything can be handled within our extremely easy to use control panel.