Business Hosting. Reimagined.

Load Faster Than The Competition

Most “normal” business hosting makes use of a shared environment. You get 100’s of people on the same server, and they all share resources. It’s a great way to get hosting at a ‘cheap’ price.

We decided: No. No shared hosting. We want nothing but the best.

Cloud Technology

Utilising cloud technology, our hosting is lightning fast and ultra resilient - meaning your website is always on, always fast

Incredible Speed

Utilising our 20 years experience in the industry, we've structured our hosting in a unique way, ensuring your website always loads faster than the competition

Ultimate Security

Because every website runs in its own dedicated environment, there's zero risk from 'other users', plus every server runs only the required software, meaning minimal risk to hacking.

Pure Dedicated Hosting

Our infrastructure is set up in a way that means everyone gets their own dedicated resources, meaning your website never, ever slows down…

Exceptional Hosting. Guaranteed.

We looked at the hosting industry, and said “No”. No to all the shared hosting. No to all the slow, laggy websites. No to substandard support. We run a highly tuned, optimised hosting platform. Each customer gets their own dedicated environment for their website, meaning there’s no compromise on speed or performance.

  • Dedicated hosting resources as standard
  • 24/7 Emergency Support plus exclusive online resources and tutorials
  • Dedicated account manager so you always have a single point of contact
  • Easy control panel for managing email accounts
  • Guaranteed fast hosting 24/7/365 with no downtime

Solutions For Agencies

With solutions entirely designed for agencies, our hosting platform is engineered to give you all the tools you need to help you grow your business, and keep your clients online. With white label packages available, your clients will be nothing but impressed by your hosting expertise.

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