DataLords leapt into existence in early 2019, for the simple reason that our founders just couldn’t find the solution they wanted. We wanted a simple, yet affordable way to implement fiercely fast hosting with ultimate reliability.

We didn’t want single dedicated servers, and cloud hosting just didn’t cut it when it came to performance.

So, we made our own solution, but that soon spiralled into a full blown hosting company. That leads us to today, the providers of the best business hosting in the UK.

Our hosting platform is primarily built from a cluster of dedicated servers, which connect to a storage area network (SAN). We create a virtual machine for each and every website we host, and that means essentially, each customer gets their own ‘dedicated server’. It’s not the same as a ‘real’ dedicated server of course, but when compared to the average business shared hosting, it’s leaps and bounds ahead.

Each website is individually monitored, and we proactively attend to any issues, so if your website is suffering any form of attack – the likelihood is we will have noticed, and fixed the issue, before you were even aware.

This is significantly better than any other standard hosting provider, who would simply monitor their whole server, rather than individual websites… another benefit being, specifically, that other websites being attacked wouldn’t affect you one bit.

Your website will remain up and online, and will remain fast.

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